Older athletes (~15 & over) who are experienced swimmers with a strong technical foundation and are ready for the training and commitment needed to strive for success at the highest levels of the sport. This group will also include elite age group athletes who are ready both mentally and physically to train at a high level.


Swimmers must have a strong technical foundation in all four strokes, have demonstrated consistent training habits previously, have achieved multiple 15-16 NAG A times, and have goals to compete in regional meets beyond the Lake Erie Senior Championships, including Central Zone Sectionals, NCSA Junior Nationals, and beyond.


  • Swimmers should attend 5-6 practices per week
  • High school swimmers should attend at least 2 meets before the high school season begins, including the Mark Braun Fall Classic. Age group athletes in this group should swim at least 5 meets throughout the season, including the Mark Braun Fall Classic. 
  • Athletes should have goals to qualify and compete in regional meets beyond Lake Erie Swimming, starting with Central Zone Sectionals up to US Nationals.
  • Athletes will be expected to compete in the Lake Erie Senior Championships after high school season and any elite regional championship they qualify for.

Training Focus

Athletes in this group will focus on developing the fitness levels needed to compete at the highest levels of the sport, including basic aerobic capacity and endurance, anaerobic power and endurance, and sprint training. Senior athletes will have morning workouts and weight lifting opportunities available to them.

Test Sets

Senior athletes will do GOLF 50’s and 100’s to assess technical development, Benchmark 100’s kick and Benchmark 100’s Swim in order to assess basic conditioning, as well as Pulse Count 100’s and 200’s in order to assess anaerobic capacity and VO2 max. Power Racks will also be implemented to asses in-water power.


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