Age group athletes (~14 & under) who have a solid foundation in all four strokes and are ready to be introduced to higher intensity endurance training. This group will also include middle school and high school athletes who are ready for harder training but still require stroke and skill development.


Swimmers must know all four strokes, have demonstrated consistent training habits, have achieved multiple 11-12 NAG A Times, and be mentally ready for a greater commitment to the sport.


  • Swimmers should attend 4-5 practices per week
  • Swimmers should attend at least 5 meets throughout the season in order to gauge progress and qualify for the appropriate championship meet at the end of the season.
  • Swimmers should complete the IMX challenge for their age group in order to encourage meet participation and well rounded development.
  • Age group athletes will be expected to compete in Lake Erie Age Group Championship and should strive to qualify for the Lake Erie Zone Team. High School athletes will be expected to compete in the Lake Erie Senior Championships.

Training Focus

Advanced swimmers will have a greater emphasis placed on basic conditioning and will be introduced to high intensity endurance training used more predominantly in the senior group.  Advanced swimmers will still focus on technical development and perfecting race skills.

Test Sets

Advanced athletes will continue to do GOLF 50’s to assess technical development and Benchmark 100’s kick. They will begin performing Benchmark 100’s Swim in order to assess basic conditioning, as well as Pulse Count 100’s to assess anaerobic capacity and VO2 max.


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